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Monday, November 27, 2006


Violence of Politics

- By Greg Stewart

Is all political violence "revolutionary" No, it is just revolutionary. It can be either evolutionary or devolutionary as well. Meaning that political violence through its identity is wrapped up in some form of Platonic Idealism. In other words, that there is some perfect ideal in how a "society" should behave and act; and, only through traumatic action, violence for instance, can the society affect change to become "The Ideal Society."

This ideal can move the society either forward or backwards. In fact, the rallying call of cultures/and or societies is that there must be "change," because what is happening now [what they do to "us"] is "wrong" and "we" do today is "right;" no matter how heinous.

Nevertheless, to get this "Ideal Society" is the crux of the battle; thus, the politics of the society is another form of religion. In essence, it is, but secular and another form of organizing the masses, to control the discontent, until the masses decide enough is enough. Or they led by the "educated liberator" to "show them" the way. To give a vehicle for what "they" believe is morally wrong their society or some "other" society that is perceived as a threat to their way of life.....................
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