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Monday, November 06, 2006


Voter's Guide

Publius' Recommended candidates for Cook and Dupage counties, Illinois

State Executive Offices
Judy Barr Topinka

Joe Birkett
Lt. Gov.

Dan Rutherford
Sec. of State

Stewart Umholtz
Attny Gen.

Carole Pankau

Christine Radogno

Federal Offices
Peter J. Roskam
USCongressional District 6

David McSweeny
USCongressional District 8

Dennis Hastert
USCongressional District 14

State Offices
Billie D. Roth
State Senate Dist. 22

Chris Lauzen
State Senate Dist. 25

Matt Murphy
State Senate Dist. 27

John Milner
State Senate Dist. 28

Ruth Munson
State Rep. Dist. 43

Terry R. Parke
State Rep. Dist. 44
Randy Ramey
State Rep. Dist. 55

Cook County
Tony Peraica
Cook County Board President

Tim Schneider
Cook County Board

Peter Garza
Cook County Sheriff
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