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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Welcome Back The Draft (A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy)

- By R.A. Hawkins

One of the issues the liberals have harped on since the start of the war is the possibility of having to bring back the draft. Then there are those totally awesome whack jobs Kucinich and Kerry. I have to take a moment to comment on Kerry's military record. Let's see... four and a half months in Vietnam and three Purple Hearts. Yeah that’s what I thought. He should not chew gum. One of those Purple Hearts was from a scratch he received after he hit a nearby rock with a rifle grenade. As with all of his subsequent wounds, it was self inflicted. Kucinich is talking about de-funding the war in Iraq. That must be a French name or something. I bet he would have gone for a Purple Heart when he got himself in the eye with that freedom fry if he could have.

The liberals will have a very difficult time supporting the war in Iraq because the war was caused by Saddam's support of anything terrorist related, as well as started by Bush. If it had been Clinton who had started the war the liberals would have no problem and would still be using their old talking points to support it. But the fact remains that these people will now feel obligated to kiss the collective keesters of the collective collectivists (peace activists, or surrender activists if you're a realist)............................................
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