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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


What A Fantasy (The Real Freedom Fighters)

- By R.A. Hawkins

I guess if I were to try to put a title to the current geo-political occurrences I would have to call it 'Win Another One For the Gimper'. Ortega wins the election in Nicaragua and Kerry says Ortega is a changed man these days. But of course he is, Kerry. He, like the radical left in this country, has learned to not be so obvious as to what they're really up to. The left has learned that in order for us to swallow their socialist agenda they will have to smother the entire cow flop in whipped cream and even go so far as to place a nice big cherry on top. The last election has shown them that this works and with enough voters, they can make it work for them. Yummy.

But it is interesting to me how this has apparently been taken elsewhere in the world. There have been several assassinations of those critical of Putin and his way of doing things. As Putin has tightened the grip on the media in Russia, our media here is remained for the most part silent. Those who have escaped the grip of the motherland have gotten louder. The latest critic to be 'retired' was Litvinenko. It turns out that he was killed with some type of radioactive agent. I guess ex-KGB agents are about as safe as ex-Moslems, so it doesn't surprise me that Putin is shaking hands with Iran's icon of virtue and calm, Ahmadajinad, as they celebrate the arrival of the Tor-M1 missile systems in Iran. Part of what I'm saying here is that Putin is still what he always was: A radical KGB agent planning a slow takeover. He's fortunate enough to live in a country where he won't have to waste all of those rubles on whipped cream and cherries. He'll just say 'Bon apatite!' and they'll dig in like they always have.............................................
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