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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Why the Republicans Lost

- By David Morrell

In the election of 1929, the Labour Party took control of the British Parliament. Winston Churchill reflected on the victory of the Socialists over the Conservative Party and posited three reasons why the Conservatives lost; two are especially germane to discussion concerning last week's election.

The first was "the natural desire for change after four and a half years of steady but unexciting administration." In our case, it was nearly twelve years of Republican majorities in Congress that eventually tired the patience of the American electorate.

The second reason for the loss was "the prolonged campaign of disparagement leveled against [the Prime Minister] by the powerful popular Press." This again is true for last week's election. Democrats did not so much stand for something as they stood against Bush and the Republicans. With the help of the media, the Democrats have charged them with mismanagement of the War on Terror, domestic wiretapping abuse, and a long list of other distasteful policies and practices. I can still hear the old lines of Cindy Sheehan and the neo-sixties radicals lining Michigan Avenue: "Bush lied, thousands died"; "WMD"; "No Blood for Oil." Not to mention the more discreet ones from other, "more legitimate", sources............
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