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Saturday, December 16, 2006


The Anti-Assimilation Movement

- By Frank Salvato

Assimilation -- defined as the act of becoming part of or more like something greater -- is a hot-button issue these days. Whether alluding to the calls for a return of the American Southwest to

Mexico by the Reconquista movement or the encroachment of radical Islam on the streets of Paris, the fact remains that members of immigrating minority groups are increasingly refusing to assimilate into the cultures of their resident countries. The lack of assimilation by immigrants to the United States -- both legal and illegal -- is culminating in an American identity crisis and poses a serious problem for the future of our country.

This movement toward anti-assimilation stands in stark contrast to the very concept of our nation.E pluribus unum , "out of many, one," is the motto of the United States. This motto, this dedication, was originally selected by the Great Seal Committee in 1776. It acknowledged that the thirteen separately governed British Colonies had banded together to form one inclusive nation, a country that stood independent from the British Crown, the United States......................
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