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Monday, January 01, 2007


Hppy New Year 2007

-By Warner Todd Huston
Time for New Years. We welcome 2007 into existence.

And, time brings up an interesting observance. What, exactly, is it, after all? We experience things passing, the flower blooms in Spring and dies in Fall; that is surely time passing. But, the way we mark time is completely man made. It isn't something that exists naturally and it certainly isn't a single, ever moving force. If it were a single force of nature, time would not be measured as we measure it.

As the ball drops in New York to ring in the New Year, folks in Chicago are still an hour away from the event. Californians are two hours away. That shows the man-made structure of what we consider "time".

So, as we celebrate the New Year, take a second to reflect on the fact that what we are celebrating doesn't really even exist!

Something else to give you a headache other than too much bubbly!

Happy New Year, Publius' Forum Readers!
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