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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Planning to Fail

- By Chuck Busch

The bipartisan Iraq Study Group has submitted its recommendations for altering US policy in Iraq that would also affect the entire Middle East. President Bush will present modifications to current operations in January. Nancy Pelosi recently announced her new legislative agenda for the 110th Congress but never mentioned Iraq (or border security) even once. When is the majority Democratic leadership in Congress going to unveil their new strategy for Iraq or for that matter the larger war with terrorism?

Democrats declare Iraq a failure

The Democrats have decided that President Bush's Iraq policy is a failure and have demanded a "change of course" without being very specific about their meaning.

National Democrat Committee Chairman, Howard Dean, called Iraq a "mess" blaming President Bush for "failed political leadership and lack of foresight and planning." "Staying the course is not a plan," he said................
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