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Saturday, December 09, 2006



- By Dave Huntwork

The Internet has become a favored propaganda tool for Islamists, terrorists and al-Qaeda types the world over. It is used to distribute their videos, release their fatwa's, troll for recruits, shore up their base, coordinate their activities and influence the mainstream media. It has also given birth to a whole class of 'anti-jihadists' who now wage their own propaganda war of commentary, analysis, and occasional mockery using websites and blogs as their personal weapons in the Terror Wars. The internet jihadist has now been matched by the keyboard crusader.

Some present themselves as scholarly, analytical, 'think tank' type websites. Others are more confrontational with jihad-mocking movies and Mohammed cartoon contests. But what they all share in common is a mission to expose fundamentalist Islam, and the terror it inspires, as an enemy of the West that must be faced and fought without mercy or hesitation. The Anti-Jihadists have emerged on the web with a vengeance and have joined the blogosphere wars in defense of Western Civilization.................
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