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Thursday, December 21, 2006


The 'Times' of our Lives are Ticking Away

- By Vince Johnson

We seldom think about it, but our lives are divided into brief periods we refer to as some sort of "time." It all starts when it is "time" to go to bed. Then it is soon "time" to get up and "time" to get to work, or school, etc.

Some of our "times" are so mundane we never think much about them. I am thinking of those "times" we set aside so we can eat. Like "Breakfast time." "Lunch time." "Dinner time." It goes on and on. Live theatres have curtain "time." Flights are On "Time" some of the "time." Some "times" we kill "time" and other "times" we save "time." Then, of course, there are certain "times" during the year when many folks schedule their "meal time" around "game time," which of course refers to games like football and basketball......

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