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Friday, January 12, 2007


Senator Obama and the Social Gospel

-By Dan E. Phillips

All the fuss over Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and his possible presidential candidacy is hard to explain. He is a recently elected junior Senator. Under normal circumstances his candidacy would be considered premature at best and hubristic at worst. So why the fawning treatment, especially by the media?

Well, I have to admit the guy is smooth. I saw him on Jay Leno, and I was very impressed with his persona. He was funny, self-deprecating, and able to banter back and forth with Leno. He is able to engage in small talk without immediately mounting the bully pulpit as many politicians are prone to do. In this respect he reminds me a lot of Bill Clinton. He seems like a regular guy. How much of that is an act, I have no idea. He did graduate from Harvard Law which tends to tarnish your regular guy credentials. But much of politics is an act, and he seems pretty good at it.

A big question is how long he will be able to pull off the "can't we just all get along?" act. Will the Democratic primary voters tolerate that shtick in the hope of victory, or will they force him to more clearly articulate where he stands on the issues? Despite all the talk that he is a bridge between left and right, his positions are cookie-cutter liberal. If the Democratic primary voters don't force him to reveal his hand, I'm sure the Republican campaign machine will if he becomes the Democratic nominee..............
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Great insight! As a fellow Illiniosian, in my view Obama has made a huge mistake. Not just for the Democratic party, but for himself. When I watched him speak at the DNC, I really did believe that maybe, just maybe, he had a chance. Now, after listening to him and his flip-flopping of "I am not ready" to "I am the best for change", he is nothing more than a John Kerry.

As far as your question "How long can he pull it off?" My answer is simple, he'll get the minority votes and ruin the chances of any pull votes from any experienced democrat to win. Thereby, destroying the democratic vote.

Yadda, yadda, yadda!!!
obama is very good gentleman he is aiming to put America top to the target. and gives chance to overcome in all country.
he told to make that no war between india and pakistan

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